Grinding blocks and diamond discs

Discs are an abrasive tool consisting of abrasive grains and an abrasive carrier - a binder. The size of the abrasive grains affects the achievement of a specific surface roughness. PRO FACHMAYER accessories are tools worth betting on. They cooperate, among others with manual angle grinders, face grinders, vertical grinders, straight grinders with electric and pneumatic drives. Discover the wide range of blades for processing various materials: for metal, stone, wood, concrete, stoneware or hard ceramics.

The PRO offer includes inox discs for more efficient cutting of harder materials and metal blades for cutting or grinding steel and cast iron materials. PRO diamond blades are accessories that are used to cut concrete, reinforced concrete, terrazzo or ceramic materials. PRO FACHMAYER blades ensure precise machining of even the hardest materials and long and efficient work.