Hole saws

Hole saws are designed for making precise holes, e.g. in ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, stone, and other hard materials, and for cutting in wood or plastics. Attached to drills, grinders and other tools with the option of replacing tips, they will ensure efficient and effective work. Get to know the wide range of PRO holesaws.

The offer of the PRO FACHMAYER brand includes dry diamond hole saws with an M14 mounting spindle for direct mounting on an angle grinder. These hole saws are available in sizes from 5 to 75 mm. Sizes from 5 to 16 mm are additionally equipped with a cooling wax that facilitates work. PRO FACHMAYER hole saws for wet cutting have a pilot drill for precise cutting and high-quality diamond grit to increase the performance of the hole saw. Additionally, it is equipped with a sponge that cools the cutting edge while wet.